Discovering My Ancestors

Crown Hill Cemetery



   Name   Location 
1.Crown Hill CemeteryIndianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mary Ann  8 Dec 1920Crown Hill Cemetery I1590
2 Farmer, Varnol Galen  Crown Hill Cemetery I1764
3 Hale, Anna Belle  21 Mar 1940Crown Hill Cemetery I1088
4 Hale, Harriet Beauregarde "Hattie"  12 Jul 1923Crown Hill Cemetery I1586
5 Hale, Matilda L.  25 Mar 1930Crown Hill Cemetery I1587
6 Hawkins, Mary Virginia  28 Apr 1898Crown Hill Cemetery I1103
7 Heid, Emma Rosime  10 Jul 1953Crown Hill Cemetery I1314
8 Hoffman, Goldie Marie  Crown Hill Cemetery I1295
9 Kinnaman, Joe Porter  Crown Hill Cemetery I770
10 Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth  14 Nov 1934Crown Hill Cemetery I1380
11 Lorenz, Clara M  Crown Hill Cemetery I1091
12 Lorenz, Frederick Graham  26 Feb 1951Crown Hill Cemetery I1089
13 Lorenz, Frederick Graham Jr.  11 Dec 2000Crown Hill Cemetery I1311
14 Lorenz, Fredrick Adolph  28 May 1941Crown Hill Cemetery I1084
15 Lorenz, Harry Adolph  21 May 1923Crown Hill Cemetery I1086
16 Lorenz, Walter William Jr.  Crown Hill Cemetery I354
17 Lorenz, Walter William  17 Nov 1955Crown Hill Cemetery I1087
18 McMahan, Emily Alice  15 Apr 1936Crown Hill Cemetery I1319
19 Morrow, David  Crown Hill Cemetery I1071
20 Sherman, Ada Belle  Crown Hill Cemetery I334
21 Sherman, Bessie Lucille  27 Dec 1963Crown Hill Cemetery I1313
22 Sherman, Emily Louisa  Crown Hill Cemetery I332
23 Sherman, Sylvester Adams  4 Jun 1938Crown Hill Cemetery I1318
24 Sims, James Addison  Crown Hill Cemetery I1379
25 Sims, Thomas Allan  Crown Hill Cemetery I1051
26 Steeg, Mary Jane  23 Jul 2003Crown Hill Cemetery I541
27 Stewart, Catherine Louise  Crown Hill Cemetery I378
28 Stewart, Charles Faulkner  Crown Hill Cemetery I380
29 Stewart, Dorothy Jane  Crown Hill Cemetery I2155
30 Stewart, Marion Jean  Crown Hill Cemetery I326
31 Stewart, Ruth Annette  Crown Hill Cemetery I377
32 Tebbe, Mary  Crown Hill Cemetery I66
33 Underwood, Terah Wilfred  Crown Hill Cemetery I2169
34 Wagner, Anna  10 Sep 1886Crown Hill Cemetery I1085
35 Wagner, Jacob  16 Jun 1897Crown Hill Cemetery I1591