Discovering My Ancestors

My Family Tree

After years of researching the genealogy of the Lorenz, McCown, Sherman, Bartlett, and McMahan family lines, I have decided to create a website of the information I've collected.

Our ancestors came from Germany, England and Ireland (or perhaps Scotland, more work to be done). The woman sitting in the photo above, Bessie Lucille Sherman (my great-grandmother), it is her ancestral line that goes all the way back to the Mayflower pilgrims Edward Doty, George Soule, John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins (William Mullins). This image shows my direct line. I know where my tenaciousness (some say stubbornness) comes from!

I also found the "black sheep" of our family William Eugene McCown, half-brother of my grandmother Marjorie Ann Lorenz (McCown). He was the gay relative no one talked about but boy, what a life he led in Paris during the 1920s!

During my research, imagine my surprise when I found out my husband and I are related! His ninth great-grandfather John Doane (1590-1685) is also my tenth great-grandfather. John Doane's granddaughter, Dorcas Jane Hicks (1652-1712) married Edmund Shearman (1641-1719), my 8th great-grandfather.

*Update* June 2020 - For many years, the mother of my 2x great-grandmother Annie Wagner (wife of Fredrick A. Lorenz), remained a mystery. All I had was a first name. I recently revisited that brick wall and found her name, Mary Strub, plus her marriage record to Jacob Wagner that also gave her place of birth, Läufelfingen, Switzerland! Happy days!

***UPDATE*** On Dec 20, 2019 my line to Edward Doty was confirmed and accepted by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD)! A proud day for me!

My Husband's Family Tree

My husband is descended from immigrant John Perry, II arrived in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1666. My husband's great-grandfather, Rev. David Brainard Perry, married Helen Doane and so is also descended from immigrant Deacon John Doane and Anne Perkins.

He, too, is a Mayflower descendant through his Doane ancestors, or more specifically, mainly through the wives of his four direct ancestor Doanes: Simeon Doane m. Apphia Higgins, John Doane m. Betsy Snow, Timothy Doane m. Jeddiah Higgins and Squire John Doane m. Mary "Polly" Eldridge. The pilgrims he's descended from are: William Brewster, Stephen Hopkins, John Howland, and Joseph Rogers.

The links below open up an image showing an overview of the direct lines discussed above.

Thomas Rogers to Apphia Higgins

Stephen Hopkins to Betsy Snow and Jediah Higgins

William Brewster to Mary Eldredge

John Howland to Mary Eldredge

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